legacy projects

RadioEnhancer (aka PandoraEnhancer)


Google Chrome extension that removes ads, scrobbles to Last.fm, displays song change notifications, and improves Pandora’s awesome HTML5 interface.

It’s been featured on sites such as Lifehacker and a whole lot of others.

At it’s peak, RadioEnhancer had over 63,000 active users.


Cydia, by Jay Freeman

AlbumSnapper is a tweak for jailbroken iOS devices that adds an album selection feature to the stock Apple camera app, allowing you to quickly organize your pictures and create new albums on the fly.

I spent a week reversing Camera.app for this, it was a ton of fun!

AlbumSnapper was featured on sites such as iDownloadBlog, ModMyI, and more. It can be found in the default repositories used by Cydia for $0.99.

Reading this, using a very old version of iOS (6/7) for some reason, and want a free copy? Drop me a line!


Snake Jazz

Looks up comic release dates from supported publishers websites (DC, Marvel, Image) and puts them on your Google Calendar.

MatchInMusic, In A Minute, etc..